Kit Building Services

Are you looking at getting a new kit but don’t want to build it yourself? We can help you with our kit building service, we will build your kit the same way we would build our personal kits. We will use the same amazing products and techniques to ensure you have an Ultra experience with your new kit. 

Items that will get done with your kit build –
  • Polishing shock shafts and hinge pins
  • Reaming A-Arms
  • Shimming diffs
  • Ensuring free drivetrain and suspension movement
  • Putting a Ultra custom setup to get you on the right track to having fun 
  • Ensuring all shocks have the same fully extended length and rebound percentage

**Kit builds (slider form) start at $100.00 + taxes and shop supplies (pricing will vary depending on scale of vehicle, parts added and extra services added)**

Things to add onto your Kit Build – 
With getting your kit built things we can also help you with and get installed are the following – 
  • Installing electronics – motor, esc, receiver and servos
  • Soldering motor and esc as well as soldering any necessary connectors
  • Cleaning up all wiring on the R/C
  • Nitro engine installation – installing at the clutch, shimming the clutch bell and ensuring the throttle linkage has a straight pull
  • Gluing tires

**We can get you a quote on pricing depending on the kit nitro or electric and scale of R/C

Another great thing to think about to take your kit build to the next level would be an alignment  to ensure everything is square and straight. The alignment will include the following – 
  • Ride Height
  • Camber
  • Toe
  • End Points on Transmitter
  • Droop 

Having a square, aligned car will ensure that you get the ULTRA performance out of your R/C race kit

**Alignment service starts at $17.50 + taxes and shop supplies.**